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Adoption Research The Orphan Trains
An article written about the orphan trains. Many families were torn apart and relationship patterns disrupted as thousands of orphans were shipped across country to be placed in new homes.

Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, Inc.
Search among the names and stories of orphans and learn more about this forgotten era of American History.

Reunion Registry
Search the considerable databases for adoptees, birth parents or just someone that you are searching for! Very helpful site.

Big Hugs
This is the place that all the talk show hosts use. Write them a letter and ask for help in finding someone and you may just find yourself on television! After sending them a letter myself, I received a phone call from them asking my permission to give my name to any T.V. producers who may call!! Also, search their database for your loved ones or pay a small fee and have their professional researchers do it for you.

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