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Lost Leaves
Lost Leaves is a database of photographs found at antique stores, flea markets and donated by readers. The purpose of the site is to find out who the people are in the photographs. Go there to look over the photos and see if you can help the folks of Lost Leaves identify the folks in the photos. You can also donate photos for the database that you need identified!

Online course: Online Pioneers
Take a course online and learn how to research your pioneer ancestors!

Offered by, you receive a wonderful web site that can be accessed and added to by other family members! It's like having your own family newsletter on-line! Family members can add news, photos, birthdays, events and documents that they would like to share. You can even upload your family tree! It is all FREE and user friendly! I highly recommend it!

Building a Genealogy Home Page
Cyndi lists practical advice to building your own genealogy home page, including where to find free sites and what you should include.

dMarie's Time Capsule
Plug in any date from 1900 to 1997 and find out what was happening on that day - including the price of a house!

This Day in History
Find out who was born, who died, who was listed missing in action, what holidays were begun and more on this day in history!

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