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How to read the US Federal Census
Catalogues each of the federal census and tells you what information you can expect to get from each one.

American Life Histories
Manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project, 1936-1940. These manuscripts are a fascinating peek into the depression era.

Genealogy Abbreviations
Do you know what abb. means? How about bpl.? This site offers you an entire alphabetized list of commonly used genealogical terms and their abbreviations. A must for all people documenting their family history!

Deciphering Old Handwriting
Once you start gathering together those old documents you will need to know how to read them! Trust me, it can be very confusing! This site gives actual examples of handwriting of old and tells you how to read it!

A List of Occupations
Have you ever wondered where your name came from? In 'the old days' many people got their names from the occupation that they practiced. Even if you didn't get your name that way, this list of 'old-time' occupations will fascinate and amuse you!

Dating Old Photographs
A wonderful site by a photographer who tells us the history of photographs. Very comprehensive site that explains the difference between different types of photographs over the years. Excellent reference point to find the date of your photograph!

Roots for Kids: A Genealogy Guide for Young People
Help your children or students discover their roots! This book will get you started!

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