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Aspartame Poisoning: Another Cause of Anxiety/Panic Disorder Aspartame Poisoning: Another Cause of Anxiety/Panic Disorder

Those of us who suffer from anxiety/panic disorder often think we are crazy. We wish we could be "normal" - whatever that is. All we know is that we want our hearts to stop racing. We want our heads to stop spinning. Check out these symptoms below and see if you have any of them.

breathing difficulties
can't think straight
chest pains
feel unreal
heart palpitations
inability to concentrate
poor memory
rapid heartbeat

The list goes on and on. These are not symptoms of anxiety/panic - they are symptoms of aspartame poisoning!! Every diet drink you put to your lips contains aspartame. I urge you to read every label of everything you put in your mouth! Eliminate this drug from your diet and see if your symptoms improve! Check out the sites to the left and judge for yourself.

It is so important to educate yourself about your disorder! There are many different things that mimic panic disorder that it is essential that you systematically check out every lead until your panic is gone!!! DO NOT STOP SEEING YOUR DOCTOR AND/OR THERAPIST, however. The very nature of Panic Disorder is that once you have had one attack you are then fearful of another - it is a vicious circle. You can find that the cause IS aspartame poisoning or mitral valve prolapse, but your MIND will still need to be reconditioned by your therapist!!

Until next healthy and calm. Karen

October 19, 1998

K. Y. Hamilton, BA, MA - Copyright 2006

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