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Where Have All the Hippies Gone? Where Have All the Hippies Gone?

While reading the articles in Rolling Stone I can’t help but enjoy a walk down memory lane. Of course, the memories are not always enjoyable but it is interesting to be reminded of them nonetheless. Rolling Stone offers such an interesting view of what the seventy’s was like.

The article on Deep Throat was quite graphic in its language, which just reminds me of the straight firmly entrenched in fifties values family that I was brought up in. I have no recollection of Deep Throat when it was in its heyday; it was all but forgotten by the time I heard of it. While reading the article however I was struck with images of my first husband’s parents in the late seventies and how bizarre they appeared to me at first. They were definitely products of the seventy’s sexual revolution – complete with Jacuzzi orgies, nudist camps, and partner swapping.

Interestingly, I watched from the sidelines as these sex-crazed middle aged adults tried to keep the fun going into the eighties. They didn’t succeed and their marriage almost didn’t survive. I wonder what happened to all those people who got so caught up in the sexual frenzy of the seventy’s – how many of them fought the battle for sexual freedom to the bitter end? How many of them died as a result of continuing into the AIDS ridden eighties?

This little trip down memory lane raises many questions of that nature for me. Where have all the hippies gone? Most of the articles in Rolling Stone are written to answer those questions – a look back at the times by the people who experienced it and where they are now. Every generation should have such a rich source of their culture.

May 2004

K. Y. Hamilton, BA, MA - Copyright 2006

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