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Journey to the Sea Journey to the Sea

by Joshua A. Rager 1994 (with a little help from Mom,Karen Y Hamilton)

One day a mother sea turtle came up to lay her eggs on the beach. She laid over 20 eggs.

Then one day a big bad hurricane named Erin came on the beach and destroyed the nest where the mother sea turtle had laid her eggs. All the poor sea turtles lay on the beach. But one brave little sea turtle ran to the beach and into the water.

But the waves were too big. They kept pushing the baby sea turtle back on to the beach. He kept trying to get in the water but he kept flying back on the beach. He was so very tired. He couldn't even walk.

Then finally he gathered up his courage and strength, got into the water and swam away. I called him Lucky.


K. Y. Hamilton, BA, MA - Copyright 2006

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