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ENC 0010 College Prep English II

Grading Criteria & Expectations

Earning the Final Grade in ENC 0010 includes the following:

1.      Achieve an average of 75% on the following work:

        Writing assignments (40% of the Final Grade),

        Homework/Quizzes/Tests (20% of the Final Grade), and

        Language Lab Assignments (20% of the Final Grade) 


2.      Pass a two-part Exit Test:  minimum of 60% on a grammar test (10% of the Final Grade) and
an essay with a 6 or better (based on a grading scale of 2-12)-(10 % of the Final Grade.)

NOTE:  The State of Florida requires passing both the course work and the Exits Tests (both grammar and essay finals) in order to pass this course.  If a student has a passing average on class work but does not pass both Exits Tests, this student will not pass the course.


Course Completion Requirements:

 For this course, students should:

1.      Complete the required chapters and grammar exercises in the English Writing Lab.

2.      Participate in classes.

3.      Write and revise at least two 200-word paragraphs and six 300-400-word essays.

4.      Correct assigned exercises in the rhetorical modes.

5.      Complete homework text reading and the accompanying quizzes.

6.      Complete most assignments and grammar tests with a passing grade.

7.      After completing grammar quiz requirements, complete the final grammar test with a passing score of 75% or better.

8.      Write a final college-level essay that conforms to essay writing standards.



Special Course Requirements:

Supplemental English Writing Lab:  To ensure their success in ENC 0010, students will need to spend three hours per week in the English Writing Lab.  Tutoring by appointment and walk-in assistance will be available.  Students are encouraged to use all of the lab’s resources. 

Lab Location:  BB207

Lab Phone Number:  (561) 207-5210

Lab Hours:  M – Th        8 am – 8pm,      Fri. 8 am – 4 pm,        Saturday 9 am –2 pm             

NOTE:  All lab work must be completed on the same campus where the student is registered for the course. 



Assignments may include completing individual and collaborative writing exercises, writing paragraphs, revising and editing, reading the textbook, completing and correcting exercises, completing lab quizzes, and meeting with lab tutors.  Each student must maintain a written copy of all work submitted in case of loss.  Students are expected to complete all of the exercises in the textbook regardless of whether they are specifically assigned or turned in for a grade. 


Comments and Concerns:

Students enrolled in this course who have comments or concerns about their experience should feel free to discuss them with the instructor, with their Lab partner, or with the English Learning Specialist, located in BB 207. Other people are also available to assist students.  The Associate Dean, Dr. Allen Witt, is located in BB 108.3 (207-5421).  The Prep English Department Chair, Colleen Courtney, is located in BB 310.3 (207-5212).


Computer Competency Component:

Each student will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic computer operations through various instructor-determined exercises and/or assignments.  These assignments may include the use of word processing and grammar programs.  Writing assignments must be typed; un-typed assignments will not be accepted. 


Instructor’s Expectations:

Successful students take responsibility for their own learning by coming to class prepared, by completing all reading assignments and grammar exercises, by keeping up with lab assignments, and by participating in class activities.  Students will seek additional help from the instructor or lab partner when needed.  In this course, you will be drafting and re-drafting several written assignments.  These drafts must be typed.  Untyped assignments will not be accepted.


Late Assignment Policy:

Late papers are generally not accepted.  If a paragraph or essay is due on a certain date, it is your responsibility to contact me PRIOR to the paper’s due date.  Late papers will not be accepted without a legitimate excuse or advanced notice.  A student is responsible for notifying the instructor well in advance of the next class meeting if he or she anticipates an assignment being late.  If not, the assignment will not be graded and a score of 0 will be given for the assignment.


.Make-up Exam Policy:

If absent from class, students will be required to get the assignment prior to an absence or to contact a classmate for the assignment (s) due upon return.  Make-up quizzes, tests, or exams will be provided at the instructor’s discretion and only if a student has notified the instructor in advance with a legitimate excuse.  Students will not be given the opportunity to make up “pop” quizzes.


Minimum Requirements:

The minimum requirements are described in the “Course Completion Requirements,”  “Grading Scale and

Policy,” and “Instructor’s Expectations” sections.


Methods of Instruction:

Methods may include lecture, individual assignments, group or paired projects, lab work, and tutorial assistance.




Grading Scale and Policy:

Students earn either an A, B, C, or an N (Not Passing) in this course. A=93—100%; B=85—92%; C=75—84%; N=0—74%. (75%=Passing).


Gradebook Access:

Grades for this class can be accessed at Make sure Ms. Hamilton has your correct email address (not your parent’s!). After the first class you will receive an email from containing information on how to access the class gradebook. Be sure to watch for this email! I do not keep copies of passwords assigned by teacherease.


The only extra credit given will be 10 points added to your lowest writing assignment grade for keeping an online blog that journals your college experiences, including this class! This blog must have at least 8 entries by the end of the term in order to receive the extra points. Please give Ms. Hamilton the blog address at the beginning of the term. You cannot write 8 entries in one day! This must be started at the beginning of the term and kept up throughout with daily or weekly entries!

Example: Your lowest writing assignment grade was an 85. That grade will be changed to a 95 if you have kept a blog throughout the semester.

Last updated January 3, 2008

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