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How to Succeed in Class
How to Succeed in Class
Help with Writing
Help with Grammar
Grading Scale & Grading Concerns
Due Dates
Sample MLA page
How to Write Paragraphs & Essays
Description Writing
Adjectives and Adverbs
Descriptive Writing Peer Review
About Your Instructor
Argumentative Essay
Tentative Lesson Agenda

       Have a positive attitude.

       Come to class prepared (pen, pencil, paper, textbook)

       Do all of the assignments.

       Make sure you understand, and get help if you don’t.

       Get to class on time and stay until the end.

       Make a calendar of due dates.

       Make friends with other students.

       Get to know your instructor.

       Sit near the front.

       Speak up.

       Identify your goals and needs from this class.

       Read your syllabus cover to cover.

       Preview your textbook.

       Join (or create!) a study group.

       Use the Success Center at FTCC!

       Don’t give up!

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Karen Silvestri ** English Department ** Fayetteville Technical Community College ** Fayetteville, NC **