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Descriptive Writing Peer Review
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Descriptive Essay Peer Review

1.       What mood is created by this piece?


2.       Does the mood change as the piece continues? If so, how?


3.       Do all the facts, specific words, and details contribute to this mood?


4.       Are the nouns and verbs specific enough?


5.       What new facts and details can be added?


6.       Does the title reflect the specific impression (mood) of the piece?


7.       How effective is the topic sentence in conveying the specific impression?


8.       Does the paper follow MLA format?


9.       The best part of the paper was:



10.    A suggestion I can make about the piece is:






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Name of Reviewer __________________________________________________________

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Karen Silvestri ** English Department ** Fayetteville Technical Community College ** Fayetteville, NC **