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Some useful links for you...

My Family History

 Knowles, Hopkins, Lowe, Posey, Prance, Hamilton, Garcia, Rager, Hooper, etc. family charts

If you would like me to add your link or you know of a useful link, send me an email!

 - suggestions for getting started writing your memoirs!

Transcription Services

Lifetales staff will tape your stories as you speak them and they type them up for you - you don't have to write a word!

More links on Journaling, Memoir Writing, and Genealogy

How to Think Like a Poet

A compilation of notes from lectures with poet, Susan Mitchell

Journal to the Self

Twenty-two Paths to Personal Growth by Kathleen Adams, M.A.
Visit Kathleen's site to get tips on using journaling as a therapeutic tool. She offers books, tapes, and exercises on getting your journaling in gear.

Creative Journaling

Lucia Capacchion has developed The Creative Journal. Have you ever thought of journaling with your non-dominant hand? Check out her online workshop!

New Life Stories

You absolutely cannot miss Ellen Moore's site! Sign up for her fabulous newsletter and receive "juicy questions" to prompt you in your writing.

The Official Federal Land Patent Records Site

Provides live access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States.

USGenWeb Project

We are a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone.

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