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Welcome Winter Sunset


Take control of your fears, Make your dreams a reality, Put to rest the negativity that has been haunting you.

These things can, and will, happen to you simply by learning how to journal to your spirit!

Workshops Include:

Silencing your inner critic, Exploring the meaning in your dreams, Breaking down the masks that we hide behind, Dealing with painful issues


INTERESTED in hearing more about offering a workshop to your community? Just give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss it further!

Why Should YOU Write Your Memoirs?

We all think that we are not famous enough to write our memoirs but this is a misconception! Each and every person who has ever lived has a zillion stories inside of them just screaming to be told! Even if the only person who ever reads your stories is you - you will be leaving behind a valuable legacy for your descendants! What would you do if you came upon a manuscript written by your great grandmother in the late 1800's?? Wouldn't you be thrilled beyond words to hear what life was like then? Wouldn't you be excited to find that people then loved, lost, and lived much as you do today?? How did they handle it? How did everyday life make them feel??

Why should YOU write your memoirs? "People today are rootless and aching for connections to the past", says Lettice Stuart, a Texas personal historian who records the memoirs of everyday people. The process of documenting your life often brings family members together.

As you remember each stage of your life, you will find yourself calling old friends, family members you havent spoken with in years and even pulling together your children and grandchildren to regal them with funny stories or life lessons learned. As your life tale unfolds you will find yourself gaining new insights into events that took place, perhaps even bringing about healing to the past.

Writing your memoirs is a rewarding task. It brings honor to your life story and connects you to history. You will leave behind a lasting legacy for your loved ones. It is easier to begin than you think!


* Helps to involve and unite family members

* Is often a bonding or healing experience

* Provides a lasting legacy for generations to come

* Concrete suggestions using proven writing techniques

*Writing exercises to get those creative juices flowing

*Ongoing support from a professional writer and peers

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Memoir in a Box

* Over 300 cues per box
* Just pull out a slip of paper and start writing!
* Never struggle with writer's block again!
* One cue, one page, written every day
* You'll have that autobiography written in no time!

Also try Journal in a Box!

* Over 300 cues per box

Memoir in a Box $10.00 **** Journal in a Box $10.00

I urge you all to get your hands on a copy of Kathleen Adams book, Journal to the Self: Twenty-two Paths to Personal Growth. If you have ever wondered what to say in your journal or how to find the time to write, Kathleen will set you straight. I will endeavor to send you specific tips from Kathleen's book to help you on your journey.
Journeling is by far the most therapeutic tool I have thus found. General Journaling Rules: There are none!!!
The sky is the limit. Write wherever, whenever, and however you want!


These are not really rules! They are more like gentle reminders!

Start with one story at a time.

Make a schedule to write at least one page every day and stick to it!

Remember to include your feelings about the event! Many men forget to do this!

If you write only one page per day, you will have 365 pages in one year!

Use vivid detail.

For now, ignore spelling and grammar. If you worry about getting every sentence perfect, you will never finish your writing!

You can check facts later. Don`t worry if you forgot someone`s name or a particular date-just get the story written!!! You can go back later!

You may want to alter names and identities to protect your loved ones.

circa 1930's
Hamilton Boys in Ten Thousand Islands


So you would like to see your name in print? Many people ask me how to write a publishable memoir. This question always reminds me of Rod Haynes. Rod and I emailed a few times, regarding his book Rogues Island Memoir. I can’t say that I helped him much, I believe he had completed the book by the time he met me.

But I was delighted to speak to someone who had published their memoir. Perhaps for another article we will interview Rod.

Rod chose to write about a certain period of his life - his childhood years growing up in the turbulent sixties and living with a sister who would eventually succumb to Cystic Fibrosis.

This is the way to seeing your work published. A published book has a central theme running through it, as in Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes. So your job is to choose a slice of your life to write about.

Ask yourself "What is the one event that shaped my life?".

Did someone in your family die? Did your parents divorce? Did a best friend come into your life and change the way you looked at the world (think about the movie "My Girl"). Did a natural disaster or war have an impact on your life?

These are but a few of the challenges you may have faced, I am sure you can think of more.

Make a list of the core events in your life. Start with your birth (did something extraordinary happen when you were born?) and then move on through your childhood, young adult years, middle age, etc. You will end up with a list of five to ten items of events.

From those events, can you choose one that impacted your life? For Rod there were several events that came together at one period of his life and changed his life forever. And there is the central theme - life change.

When you have isolated an event, look at it from all angles and write down its key points.

How old were you?
What was happening in the world at that time?
What was the value or moral code that existed at that time and how did effect the event?
How did all of these factors come together to create your epiphany?

Now that you have an event picked out, tell us about it. Don’t think about publishing it. Just pretend your children or grandchildren are gathered at your feet and you are going to tell them a story.

Once upon a time I…

Just tell the story. And don’t forget to tell me about it!!

Jupiter Florida ***