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Here you will find the most updated family history information (especially on the HAMILTON, GARCIA, LARIZ, KNOWLES lines). Scroll down, Click on Family Access Login Enter 226759, the password is HAMILTON.

Welcome to our family history!

LAST UPDATED June 12, 2009


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Visit these pages for more information on genealogy and the research that I have done.

Key West Directoy
from 1893

Key West Research
Copies of the notes I made doing research in Key West.

Hamilton History
A short rundown of the Hamilton line.

Climbing Your Family Tree
Learn more about how to research your family tree.

Conch Architecture: A Look at Key West Gingerbread
Take a look at the article I wrote for Florida Living Magazine in 1997.

Blank Family Chart
Print out this blank family chart and mail it to me or email it to me to make corrections!


Obit of Clara Dina Knowles Lariz

Obit of Clara Bell Lariz

Inventory of James Knowles, Sr. Estate 1806 Bahamas

Last Will and Testament of James Knowles, Sr. 1805 Bahamas

Last Will and Testament of Hannah Campbell Knowles (wife of James Knowles, Sr.)

The Descendents of James Knowles, Sr.

Hooper Family

Family Names: Hooper, Rager, Thomas, Perry, Cotterill, Baylis, Denmede, Evans, Frye, Dietz, Kaufman, Hamilton, Kinser, Bullard, Souligne, Taylor, Robb, Orner


Read Mary (Chris) Agnes Hooper's Memoirs!

Want to get started on YOUR memoirs? I am here to help!

Rager Family

Family Names: Rager, Orner, Ribblett, Adams, Benshoff, Kinser, Hamilton, Hooper, Kaufman

Hamilton Family

Family Names: Hamilton, Edwards, Johnson, Gomes, D'sa, Young, Peterson, Weeks, Moore, Holland, Rager, McMahon, Locker, Parham, Ripley, Garcia

Death Certificate Eugene J. Hamilton, Sr. (King Gene)

Obit of Eugene J. Hamilton, Sr. (King Gene)

Death Certificate of Florinda Gomes Lowe Hamilton

Obit of Florinda Gomes Lowe Hamilton

Obit of Richard Hamilton

Click here for news and photos from the Hamilton Reunion 6/22/02

Garcia Family

Family Names: Garcia, D'sa, Lariz, Hamilton, Bello, Peterson, Young, Rodriquez, Knowles, Jimenez, Thatu, de Goday, Hopkins, Prance

Obit of Manual Lariz

The Lariz Coat of Arms

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