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 Where are workshops held?

Workshops are held in your home, at your church or clubhouse, in local libraries and bookstores, or your residence’s recreational hall.

 How long are workshops?

Workshops run one to two hours long (depending on the community) and can be a one-time activity or spread out in on-going sessions. NOTE: The on-going sessions provide more in-class writing time and feedback from the instructor and others in the groups, as well as providing motivation to keep writing.

What tools are given out to participants?

Each participant is provided a workbook with memory sparkers, writing exercises, and space to record their thoughts.

What if I don’t want to write my own memoir?

Your instructor provides a transcription service. In one to six sessions, your instructor tapes you in your own home as you talk about your life, then she will transcribe the tapes to paper and edit the whole thing so it flows in a narrative form. (Note: all tapes will be returned to client or destroyed upon completion of project).

How much do workshops cost?

The cost of the workshop varies widely depending on the community. Libraries, community centers, etc. usually pay the instructor according to their own guidelines – the cost to you is set by them. For workshops in a church or home setting, I would be happy to consult regarding fees with you for free.