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Karen Y. Hamilton

WRITING CREDITS  for Karen y. silvestri          


Books and Articles Published in Print

  •          Weekly Columnist “Getting to Know You”, St. Pauls Review, St. Pauls, NC, 2008
  •          Book Editor & Layout Safe Counsel: Advice on Love & Marriage from the Late 19th Century FL: Double Roads Publishing, 2007.
  •          Author Lifetales: A Workbook for Writing Your Lifestories Double Roads Publishing, 2007.
  •          Book Editor The Art of Living a Successful Life, and numerous fiction titles for author Ernest Hamilton,  2007
  •           Book Editor & Layout Safe Counsel: A Complete Guide to Health Care and Home Remedies in the Late 1800's, Heritage Books, Inc., 2000.
  •          Book Editor & Layout Safe Counsel: A Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Childcare in the Late 1800's, Heritage Books, Inc., 2000.
  •          Author Newspaper ArticleA Bit of Halloween HistoryThe Jupiter Farmer, October 1999
  •          Copywriting Earth’s Angels, 1998. Wrote the copy for book of photographs for award winning photographer, Nancy Bell.
  •          Author Magazine ArticleConch Architecture: A Look at Key West GingerbreadFlorida Living Magazine, August 1997
  •          Author Newspaper ArticleI’m Sorry, HoneyThe Jupiter Farmer, September 1997

 Books and Articles Published in Online Formats

  •          Author & Publisher Ebook The Freelance Writer’s Toolkit”, 2009
  •          Author & Publisher EbookEverything You Need to Know About Writing Your Memoirs”, 2009
  •          Writer - Articles Demand Studios, 2007 – Present
  •          Writer - Articles Suite 101, 2008 – Present
  •          Writer – Articles 2007 - Present
  •          Online Editor at Suite “Lifewriting” 2002
  •          Online Editor at Suite “Panic & Anxiety Disorder” 1998-2000
  •          Online Editor at “Genealogy” 1999-2000

 Ghostwriting for Other Authors

  • Ghostwriter for Ebook Time Management for Women, 2010
  • Ghostwriter and layout for Ebook Are You Smarter than a Caveman? Your Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Health and Survival by Matt Pack, 2009
  • Ghostwriter and layout for print book Fresh Words Devotionals by Gloria Ross, 2009
  • Ghostwriter and layout for print book God’s Little To Do List by Gloria Ross, 2009
  • Ghostwriter & Ebook layout Time Management for Busy Moms2009
  • Ghostwriter & Ebook layout Growing Your Business: 102 Ways to Help Your Business Grow Successfully2009
  • Ghostwriter & Ebook layout Understand and Beat the "Pee in Your Pants" Nervousness of Public Speaking: 77 Tips to Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking2009
  • Ghostwriter & Ebook layoutA Guide to Starting Your Own Clothing Line Business2009
  • Ghostwriter & Ebook layout6 Important Tips You Need to Know When Photographing Children”, Real Kids Photography, LLC, 2009

 Editing and Layout for Other Authors

  • Book Editor, Ghostwriter, Layout Thief in the Night by Enzo Silvestri, 2008
  • Book Editor, Ghostwriter, Layout The Caver King by Enzo Silvestri, 2008
  •  Book Editor, Ghostwriter, Layout The Brooklyn Hobo: A Memoir by Alex Procho, 2008
  • Book Proposal Writer 100 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep by Kevin Mills, 2009
  • Ebook layout and editing for award winning Public Speaker Craig Valentine “Keep Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats: How to Master Content, Structure, and Delivery to Make Your Audiences TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)” 2009
  • Ebook layout and editing Plan Your Dream Wedding: Destination Las Vegas” 2009
  •  Ebook layout and editingCoffee 2 Tea Recipes” 2009
  •  Ebook layout  and editingRepositioning Employee Communication: How Smart Companies Engage Employees with Business Outcomes” 2009
  • Grant writer for Women’s Service Network, Inc., Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, and A Street Called Straight Tabernacle 1998.

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