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With the publication of Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, the art of Lifewriting has become a huge topic of interest to the American public. The July 2002 issue of Writer’s Digest is almost wholly devoted to Lifewriting and the publishers of Writer’s Digest have even issued a separate magazine to cover the how-to’s of writing memoirs and journaling.


In 1999 I began teaching memoir and journaling classes in Palm Beach County.  I also work as a Personal Historian, taping clients memoirs and transcribing them to book form.


A few of the topics I explore with readers are:


Why should we write our memoirs?

Basic Writing Rules for Memoirs

Dealing with Painful Issues, Truth, and Personal Myths

Items to include in your memoir

Interviewing Friends and Family Members


Putting it all Together


Publishing Your Memoirs

Getting professional assistance



We all think that we are not famous enough to write our memoirs but this is a misconception! Each and every person who has ever lived has a zillion stories inside of them just screaming to be told!

Even if the only person who ever reads your stories is you - you will be leaving behind a valuable legacy for your descendants!

What would you do if you came upon a manuscript written by your great grandmother in the late 1800's?? Wouldn't you be thrilled beyond words to hear what life was like then? Wouldn't you be excited to find that people then loved, lost, and lived much as you do today?? How did they handle it? How did everyday life make them feel??

Why should YOU write your memoirs? "People today are rootless and aching for connections to the past", says Lettice Stuart, a Texas personal historian who records the memoirs of everyday people.

The process of documenting your life often brings family members together. And, as their life tale unfolds they will find themselves gaining new insights into events that took place, perhaps even bringing about healing to the past.

In addition, it is the act of writing, not the words themselves that produce a healing in the writer. Therefore, one need not be a scholar or novelist to reap the benefits of lifewriting.

If you are interested in hearing more about setting up a workshop in your community, I would be happy to visit with you and discuss it further.

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