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ENC 0010 College Prep English II


Students are expected to attend all courses and course activities for which they are registered.  Any class meeting missed, regardless of cause, reduces the opportunity of learning and may adversely affect a student’s achievement in the course.  Students are required to attend at least 90% of the class meetings in order to receive credit for the course.  (This means that if a class meets twice a week, a student can only miss THREE classes.  If a class meets once a week, a student can only miss ONE AND A HALF classes.)  An accurate record of attendance will be kept for each course.  If a student misses one-third or more of a class session, the student will be counted absent.  Three tardies will count as one absence.  Leaving early is the same as being tardy.  Regardless of grades, if a student misses more than 10% of the class meetings, he or she may receive an N (Not Passing), which counts as an attempt.  Students who are unable to attend class should contact the instructor as soon as possible, before the class meeting, in order to be eligible to turn in late work.


Last updated January 3, 2008

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