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ENC 0010 College Prep English II





WELCOME TO MY CLASS! I am a great believer in LEARNING but I am also a great believer in FUN! So, come on in and bring with you a sense of humor and a sweet tooth (I frequently show up to class with a box of homemade cookies and/or brownies!)




1/9/08: Check your email for your password to teacherease (online grade book)


1/9/08: Anyone who will be keeping a blog (for extra credit) needs to give me the website address by the THIRD class!


1/16/08: Please check the page for your class to see missed assignments and/or homework assignments.




1/16/08: Please disregard the Course Schedule that you have! I am rewriting it so it will match up with the lab schedule. I will have a new Schedule for you next week.



Writing First with Readings
Third Edition


Instructor’s expectations       IMPORTANT!

Come to class on time!


Do not be absent on a test day!


Bring all required assignments, textbook and materials to class!


Meet due dates!


Read the assigned chapters for class discussions and lectures!


General Information

Course Number:  ENC 0010    Reference # 102200 & 109372

Course Title:  College Preparatory English II

Credit/Contact Hours:  3 Institutional Credits/3 Contact Lecture Hours

Term:  Spring 2008

Class Schedule:  Days_T 6:30 - 9:15 W 6:30 – 9:15

Instructor Information

Instructor Name: Professor Karen Hamilton                       

Instructor Office Location:                     

Instructor Office Hours: by appointment

Instructor Telephone:            561.628.3881            

Instructor Fax:                         

Instructor E-mail Address:  

Course Information

Catalog Course Description:  College Preparatory English II prepares students for ENC 1101.  It emphasizes the basic writing skills necessary to construct coherent paragraphs and essays in the rhetorical modes with individual grammar review as needed.  Graded A, B, C or Not Passing (A, B, C or N).  Special fee required.

Placement Information:  A College Placement Test (CPT) score of 61--82 or completion of ENC 0001.  Students may not retake the CPT while registered in ENC 0010.

Three-Attempt Rule:  Students may enroll in ENC 0010 a maximum of three times.  Students in their third attempt will be charged full instructional costs due to recent FL legislative action.

Transferability:  None

Corequisite: Strategies for College Success (SLS 1501) is required for Prep Eng./Prep Reading.


Corequisite: Strategies for College Success (SLS 1501) is required for Prep Eng./Prep Reading.

Textbook:  Writing First:  Practice in Context with Readings—3rdedition. Laurie G. Kirszer & Stephen R. Mandell.  Bedford/St. Martin’s:  2006.  ISBN # 0-312-43655-6

Equipment and Supplies:  Dictionary, thesaurus, notebook, Scantron answer sheets, pens, #2 pencils,  one blue book for final exam.

Course Topics and Objectives:

Upon satisfactory completion of the unit of study, students will be able to do the following:

1.   Identify and correct sentence structure and punctuation errors.

2.      Identify and use correctly spelled words and homonyms.

3.      Use correct paragraph form:  title, topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion.

4.      Choose logical, adult-level content for paragraphs.

5.      Identify several rhetorical modes (description, narration, process, comparison and contrast, and argument).

6.      Write 200—400 word essays in several of the above-mentioned modes.

7.      Use and analyze written material in several of the above modes.

8.      Edit and revise first drafts to correct grammatical errors.

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