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Senyora Catellina Gomes de Godoy - Creating a 14th Century Persona

Family Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms and Heraldy

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I will add information on heraldy as I research it.

I have no way of figuring out what this coat of arms represents except to pull up facts on what certain things mean. From researching Heraldry, I find that typically:


blue (azure) represents strength and loyalty


crown represents royal or seigniorial authority


tree could either represent Life and the mystical connection of the earth with heaven and the underworld or, if it is an oak tree, represent Continuous growth and fertility, Great age and strength


fire represents Zealousness


chains represent Reward for acceptable and weighty service; with crowns and collars, this suggests the bearer bore the chain of obligation or obliged others because of services done


I don’t know if those are dogs or wolves. If they are hunting dogs then they represent Courage, vigilance, and loyalty. If they are wolves, they represent Reward from perseverance in long sieges and/or hard industry


Now, take all of that into consideration and try and decipher the Lariz Coat of Arms. Sigh….


From Knights of Heraldry: "There are literally hundreds of different symbols that can appear on a coat of arms.  The colors that are chosen and even the shape of the shield itself can be of significance to the family.  The use of animals and images on the shields meant different things at different times to different people. The colors that were used however were more constant as were the shapes on the shields (Knights of Heraldry)"


The Lariz family comes from Cuba. My great-grandfather was Manuel Lariz, from Cuba. He married Clara Dena Knowles (from Long Island, Bahamas) and their daughter was my maternal grandmother, Clara Bell Lariz Garcia.
I don't know where the Coat of Arms orginated or what the symbols mean. Still working on it....

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Karen Hamilton
Greenville, SC 2005, 2006
Senyora Catellina Gomes de Godoy
Oporto, Portugal - 1365 A.D.