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Senyora Catellina Gomes de Godoy - Creating a 14th Century Persona

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The children of Edward III
(Houston, p. 108)

The children of Edward III (who died in 1377), from his tomb in Westminster Abbey.

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I am considering joining the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism). To do so I must create a persona and do extensive research on the time period and culture in which my persona lives. Here I will talk in two voices - my own and in the voice of Catellina (which will be in italics). After all, I have a feeling she will have something to say about her creation.

The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is a Middle Ages (600-1600) recreation and reenactment group. Participants not only research all aspects of a medieval time period, they seek to recreate it.


This is a historical and literary project for me. I will be studying the culture and history of Portugal, as well as a bit of Spain. You will find on these pages my research on all aspects of social life in Portugal in the mid-fourteenth century, including my struggles to recreate the dress of the time period. I also intend to delve deeply into the literary accomplishments of the time.
Enjoy your visit! I will add links to assist you as I proceed. - Karen

I am currently being created by Karen Hamilton. She is an English teacher from the Mundane (Modern) World. She has named me Catellina Gomes de Godoy.
Catellina is pronounced Cah-tay-ana, with the first a in 'ana' being the long vowel sound and the last being short vowel sound.
Gomes comes from Karen's great-great grandfather. His name was Francisco Gomes D'sa and he was a wine trader in Oporto, Portugal.
Godoy comes from Karen's maternal grandfather - Jose Garcia de Bello. He is from Key West, Florida and his family came from Cuba. Before that they lived in the Bahamas and before that, in Spain. The name Godoy actually comes from one of his ancestors - Franco de Godoy.
Oddly, I find no record of the surname that should be in front of 'de Godoy', perhaps there was none. I chose the name to use for my persona because I like it. I will use Franco's wife's name - Mercedes with the Godoy to create Catellina's mother - Mercedes Godoy de Martin (Mercedes maiden name was Martin). Oh, such fun....playing with names....

Catellina's Bio

For the purposes of entering the world of fourteenth century Portugal and Spain, we will begin by explaining the persona Karen has created for me.
Name: Catellina Gomes de Godoy
Home: Porto, Portugal
Born: 1321 A.D. (This would make Catellina 44 in the year 1365 - my age in 2006 - this would be mid to late 14th century)
Father: Francisco Gomes de Sa
Mother: Mercedes Godoy de Martin
Currently I reside in The Canton of Falcon Cree (Greenville), in the Barony of Nottinghill Coill (Western SC), in the Kingdom of Atlantia.
Marital Status: Widowed (My spouse was tragically taken by The Black Plague - quite a dishonorable death. He would rather have died in battle.)
Children: 3 sons (More about them as I create them!)



Karen Hamilton
Greenville, SC 2005, 2006
Senyora Catellina Gomes de Godoy
Oporto, Portugal - 1365 A.D.