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Senyora Catellina Gomes de Godoy - Creating a 14th Century Persona



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“The length of a girdle was also subject to the vagaries of fashion, and in the 13th and 14th centuries a girdle often reached almost to the feet of the wearer” (Egan 35).


“Girdles and various other types of belt were made from leather or were woven (usually by manipulating a pack of tablets) from threads of silk, linen or worsted” (Egan 35).


“Examples of 14th-cenury tablet-woven girdles from London include one 8.5mm wide woven in two colours of silk thread to form alternating bands of pink and green,  or yellow, running width ways”  (Egan 48).



Egan, Geoff and Frances Pritchard. Medieval Finds from Excavations in London: 3. Dress Accessories c. 1150 – c. 1450. London: Boydell Press, 2002.

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Karen Hamilton
Greenville, SC 2005, 2006
Senyora Catellina Gomes de Godoy
Oporto, Portugal - 1365 A.D.